About us

"Our family is a team, where we work, play and pray together."
Our farm is a four generation farm with a strong belief in Missouri Agriculture and high quality products.  Together as a family we work hard to make sure our livestock and poultry are well cared for so that you and your family can enjoy fresh pork and eggs from our farm in your home.

In 1932 during the Great Depression, Kevin's grandparents, Palmer and Lydia purchased the family farm.  Together they raised their family on a very diversified and successful farming operation. Over the years the farm has grown and changed, however some things remain the same.  The love to work the land and grow quality livestock together as a family is still a very strong family tradition.  Today Kevin and I (Diana) along with our two little boys Gentry and Hayden farm with Kevin's parents Bob and Betty.  We all enjoy working with in the fields, caring for the livestock and working in the garden together.  Kevin and I both feel that there is no better place to raise our boys!  We are very thankful for the opportunity to work side by side with his parents and watching Gentry and Hayden working, playing and relaxing with their Grandpa and Grandma. 
While crops and livestock are an area that we are all very experienced, we are expanding into a new adventure with growing different vegetables and fruits.  This has been a wonderful learning experience in which we are thankful to other growers, Alice Longfellow at Longfellow's Garden Center, and Missouri State Fruit Experiment Station for helping us gain knowledge in this area, as we expand our farming operation.
About the farm:
Our pigs are raised in the outdoor environment in the fresh air.  They are fed high quality feed, most of which is raised on our farm.  The pork we make available to you is of the highest quality and fresh.  This quality has been tested and proven as we have received  several awards at the Missouri State Fair based on quality.  It is our goal to provide the very best pork to consumers; that is why we have partnered with Swiss Meat and Sausage Company, a federally inspected plant in Swiss, MO to process our meat.  Swiss Meats is a family owned business and well known for their cured products and brats.

The chickens on our farm are free range chickens whom also enjoy the fresh air and any bugs that get close enough to eat.  They are often spoiled by our two boys who enjoy them and helping grandma gather the eggs.

Our family has years of experience and excitement about the agriculture industry in Missouri.  Our products are high quality and will keep you coming back for more, just give us a try!  Don't foget to come and see us at the market, we would enjoy visiting with you!

             Palmer and Lydia

  Kevin, Gentry, & Hayden with Bob and Betty