Farm Products

Our tagline "Taste the Excellence" is our testament that we work hard to provide your family the best quality products from our farm to your table.  Below you will see a list of items that we grow on our farm for you to enjoy.

Our blackberries are thorn less varieties including Apache, Chester, and Triple Crown.  They are great for baking,
jams, and jellies.  Our favorite is to eat them right out of the patch or in a bowl with vanilla ice cream.

The winter has been very gentle to the blackberries thus far, we will see what the remainder will bring.  We will have some new varieties available this next summer, so we are excited to compare and see what our customers think too!

Our chickens are free range and have a wonderful farm fresh flavor!  The chickens you buy at the store just can not even come close to the flavor of our chickens.  See for yourself!

Next batch of chickens will be available when the market opens back up again in the spring.  Watch the website and e-mail blasts as we get closer to market start up for to pre order and availability information. 
Customer quotes: 
"Bought chicken from you on Saturday at the farmers market.  It was wonderful!  Very tender and flavorful.  Would love to get more next Saturday!" - Deb

"We will definitely want some chickens, they are wonderful!  WONDERFUL!!! - Ken

We love to start our day with eggs fresh from the farm!  There is nothing better than a fresh farm egg for breakfast or to bake your favorite desserts!

Customer quote:  "Beautiful eggs with tasty yolks from happy chickens; doesn't get any better than these eggs from the Duncans!" - Suzette

From bacon, burgers, chops and sausage we have a great variety of pork products that will melt in your mouth.  Late this summer we will be presenting pork products that are from the Berkshire breed, which is known for great meat quality.  Also in late July we will be introducing our Mushroom and Swiss Brat!!  
See our pork products page for more details.  Pork Products

This area continues to grow all of the time, we are so excited about the number of "regular" customers that we have and the friendships we have made.  We are also excited about our Brat line up!  We now have 5 different brat flavors that we are really excited about bringing to the market each Saturday morning. The Mushroom and Swiss Brat has still remained one of our most popular but the Bacon Cheddar Potato has been our number one seller this past year.  Both very great brats that were offered at the Agri Missouri booth at the Missouri State Fair this summer.  The Blueberry Maple brat has a regular standing of followers as well.  We are working on getting them made into smaller breakfast type links, so stay tuned this spring. The Original German and Sweet Italian also continues to be great sellers at each market, they are sure to treat your taste buds to a great experience.

We will continue to do meat sales throughout the winter and early spring by phone or e-mail orders.  Contact us today about items you may need.

Customer quotes: 
"We grilled a couple of pork chops we got from you all and they were absolutely wonderful.  They were tender, juicy and the flavor was awesome." -Mick and Paula

Pumpkins and Fun Gourds 
We have a lot of fun growing pumpkins with our boys Gentry and Hayden.  This is actually their project with their dad.  They grow all sizes and some even with warts!  This year the boys have planted some gourds as well.  They have been working hard to keep everything watered and growing in this heat.  Come by the farm this fall or catch us at the farmers market!
The boys have just finished ordering their seed for this fall!  With any luck they will have some great pumpkins for your porch and walkway this fall.

The high tunnel has offered great growing conditions and opportunities for us to offer tomatoes a little earlier to our customers than we have in the past.  It has been a learning experience for all of us but we have really enjoyed being able to garden while it is raining and cold outside!  Look for photos on our photo page!  

The tomatoes were a great addition to our market booth!  It was fun to watch the excitement in Kevin and Gentry as they would pick tomatoes for the farmers market.  This was another great learning experience!  Gentry has selected see for the super sauce tomato for next summer!  We know he will do an awesome job!

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