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Pork Products

Producing quality products is very important to our family.  Duncan Family Farms has participated in the Barrow Derby Classic at the Missouri State Fair where the quality of meat was a large part of the competition.  Year after year our pigs have received top honors.  In 2009 and 2010 we raised and or exhibited the overall Grand and Reserve Champions of this event!
Individual Cuts

1 lb. vacuum packages and smoked to perfection.  You will discover more meat than fat in our bacon, the aroma is wonderful but the flavor will keep you coming back for more.

4 per package and ready for your grill.  These have been a big hit with our customers.  Swiss Meats Company is nationally recognized for their brats, that is why we have partnered with them to bring you an excellent brat.  Currently we offer Original German, Sweet Italian, Mushroom and Swiss and Blueberry/Maple brats.

Breakfast Sausage
Get started off right in the morning; salt, pepper, sage and other mile spices make up this great sausage.  It is packaged in 1+ lb packages and is easy to prepare.

Pork Burgers
Why wait for the state fair, you have pork burgers all year around.  Great for a quick meal or a tailgate party!  These 1/3 lb patties are seasoned with salt and pepper and are packaged 4 to a pack.

Ground Pork
For the pork lover that would like to season ground meat with their own spices or for someone who does not like spices at all.  Our ground pork is packaged just like the breakfast sausage in 1+ lb packages.

Pork Chops
If you like lean flavorful pork, give our pork chops a try.  Lean, meaty and full of flavor is the best way to describe these 3/4" chops.  These are great on the grill or even in your own favorite recipe.

Pork Ribs
Slap on your favorite sauce, stand back and enjoy.  It is always grilling time for pork ribs.  Our son Gentry loves our ribs and we think you will too!

Pork Steaks
We keep only the best pork steaks for grilling and these are a family favorite!  Steaks come 2 per package and are great off the grill all year long, even on those cold and snowy days!

Pork Packs

The Grill Pack
1 pkg. Pork Burgers
1 pkg. Brats
1 pkg. Ribs
2 pkg. Chops

The Tailgater Pack
2 pkg. Brats
2 pkg. Pork Steaks
2 pkg. Pork Burgers

The Quarter Pack @ 30 lbs
4 pkg. Bacon (1 lb. pkgs.)
1 pkg. Pork Steaks
2 pkg. Ribs
8 pkg. Pork Chops
6 pkg. Breakfast Sausage
4 pkg. Pork Burgers

The Half Pack @ 60 lbs
6 pkg. Bacon
3 pkg. Pork Steaks
3 pkg. Ribs
12 pkg. Pork Chops
10 pkg. Breakfast Sausage
7 pkg. Pork Burgers
8 pkg. Brats

The Whole Hog Pack @ 120 lb
12 pkg. Bacon
5 pkg. Pork Steaks
4 pkg. Ribs
24 pkg. Pork Chops
20 pkg. Breakfast Sausage
15 pkg. Pork Burgers
16 pkg. Brats